How To Learn Any Skill Fast

“Your economic security lies in the trust you have in your own capacity to produce, to think, to learn, adapt and provide value”


I learn too fucking slow.

Recently (the last year actually) I’ve decided on learning how to program and become a web developer.

But I’ve found that I have gaps in the way I tackle my learning process and that I’m mostly just remembering checklists instead of … Read More

Goal review Q3 + Q4 2016 + Recap

“Persistence guarantees success. If you never stop bashing your head against a wall, one day you’ll reach the other side.


I’m late. Even later than my usual late :/

You know… life, rainbows and unicorns.

Therefore I’m just going to bundle my goals from the third and fourth quarter together (they’re very similar anyway).

Time for a three six-month recap of my life; Let’s dive into detail of the … Read More

The 4 MOST Essential Life Skills (And How To Learn Them)

“Don’t rely on others to supply what you need to know. Figure out what you want out of life and teach yourself how to get it.”



That’s the emotion I’d say is governing my thoughts right now.

See – I’m pretty close to graduating at this point and find most of the stuff I’ve picked up over the years in my school to be completely and utterly useless. The last three months … Read More

My Goal Review (Q1 2016)

“Stop reading stupid quotes and take some action”  – Aristotle


Alright, first quarter into 2016. There’s been quite some changes lately, some positive and some not so positive. The major ones that happened are;

  • I’ve started the last +-4 months of college, demanding an insane amount of my time and energy + For some inexplicable reason I have none of the latter (will do a blood-check soon).
  • I’ve … Read More

My Goal Review (Q4 2015 + Recap)

goal review

“You’ll get everything you want out of life, if you can stay focused – it’ll just take longer than you expected.” – 2015


Life is funny.

One day you feel like you’re on top of the world and the god-given gift to mankind whilst you effortlessly plow through work, blow away women with your magical social skills and throw weights around in the gym like it’s nothing.

Yet some … Read More

My Goal Review (Q3 2015)

“Insert fancy, perceptive quote about life” – Some Smart Dude


A lot of time passed, a lot of choices made. Let’s see where Simon is going with his life eh?

Fun-fun times ahead!

Every three months, Simon (that’s me) does this weird kind of reviews where he shares way to many personal information about his life on the internet.

Why? – You may ask.

Good question.

Simon is wired … Read More