My Goal Review (Q1 2014)

Goal Review

Allright! So we are already three months into 2014! And there has happened a lot of stuff in my life! Therefore I’m writing this quarterly reflection/report to evaluate where I’m at in my life and where I’m heading for the next three months. For this evaluation I’m going to reflect on all my 7 areas of life.

If you’re new to this blog, it basically means how I’m doing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and work-related. And it also includes my “fun-goals” for relaxing (e.g. travel, activities, bucket list ideas,…) Check out the post I’ve written on these 7 areas of life!

Why I Do This

By reflecting on my journey, I can easily determine the next steps I need to take to reach my goals. The goals I’ve set for 2014 can be found in an earlier post I’ve written; titled Goal Setting 2014.  So in this post I’ll simply be talking about the goals I’ve achieved the last three months and what I’m planning to do the next three months!


  • I’ve made quite some progress in the physical area the last couple of months! (=awesomeness) I’ve been pretty strict with my diet and have trained rigorously. Therefore I now weigh in at 82kg and 13% BF. Here is a picture of my current physique;
  • goals-progressI’m planning to keep gaining for two more months and start cutting down again the first of june. My original year goal was to weigh 85kg at 8% body fat but that is looking quite impossible at the moment  :D , so I’m going to change that goal to 80kg at 8% body fat. That should be do-able if I stay committed.
  • It might also be a good idea to hire a personal trainer instead of going at this all by myself (and the knowledge I get from books/products/videos).
  • Another goal I would like to accomplish is deadlifting 200kg before the 1st of June. I’m at 185kg right now so I believe that should be doable.
  • I’ve also been practicing on a few physical skills I wanted to master! Mainly my human flag and the handstand push-up. They have been pretty difficult to train but I’m slowly making some progress on both of them.
  • I’ve also still been growing out my hair to disconnect my confidence from my looks (and it’s getting quite long and impractical to say the least.) But I’m going to persist on this for two more months and shave it all of the first of June (and probably going to film it to : ))
  • Lastly I’m also aiming to pick up kickboxing or krav maga in the future. I just want to have a solid base to defend myself and the ones I care about when the time calls for it. I’ve noticed some guys in the club want to “alpha-up” on me for talking to their female friends by provoking a fight with me. And I believe it’s better to prevent than to regret.


I’ve also made some good progress the last three months in the mental area! I’ve read three books and listened to 4 audio-books. The books I’ve read are;

  • Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina
  • The 4 hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
  • Tantra by Margot Anand

And the books I’ve listened to are

  • As a man Thinketh by James Allen (Highly Recommended! -> Free download in my Toolbox)
  • It Works by R. H. Jarrett
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
  • Mastery by Robert Greene

I’m planning on making reviews of all the books I’ve read so far. I’m also going to be doing a 30-day challenge in which I’m  going to read 30 pages a day (15 after my morning routine and 15 before I go to bed). I want that to become a habit. (Starting June 8th) The next books on my list are;

  • How to win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (currently reading)
  • New Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I’ve also been practicing a bit on some other skills like painting, playing the piano (on which I aim to focus more the next quarter), doing magic tricks and learning how to drive (car). Furthermore I’ve made an appointment to take my driving exam the 14th of April so wish me luck! (And hopefully I wont kill anyone…. this time :/.)


  • In the spiritual area I’ve had quite some problems lately withconqueringdisempowering beliefs. But after listening to Anthony Robbins and James AllenI’ve realized those beliefs are heavily undermining my happiness andtherefore I’m actively trying to change the way I think. I’m doing this by conditioning positive, empowering thoughts and linking pain todisempowering beliefs since they hold me back a lot.Thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “I can’t do x” and so-forth are poisonous to my soul and therefore more than redundant. But I’m probably going to write about empowering beliefs and the power of your mind on your circumstances in the future.
  • Furthermore, I’ve been practicing meditation quite regularly lately (at least 4x/week) but I want to make this a consistent habit.
  • So I’m also planning to do a thirty day challenge on this. This way I can be grounded and focused at all times.
  • I’ve also been empowering my room with positive images and thoughts of the things I want to achieve. Visualization is another key aspect I want to focus more on (before I go to bed).


file0001890245406Over the last three months I’ve made some decent progress in my emotional area! To clearly assess this area I’ve divided it in three subcategories ; friends, family and love life.


  • I’ve been to London with a great friend of mine, Fabian! (Guy in the red tank top in the video). I’ve met him trough working out and we’ve become good friends. We did some nice and crazy things over there! (including accidentally walking into a gay bar, denied entrance at the strip club, crashing all-you-can-eat buffets and much more). Anyway, great fun!
  • I’ve also been going out more with Nicolas and Kevin (which are also close friends of mine) and doing cool things with them (including talking to girls and getting out of my comfort zone). We went out partying and chilling in an abandoned building some of his friends renovated. (and maybe did some weed ;))
  • I’ve also tried sleeping on the beach with Michael, one of my best friends as a comfort challenge to link up more pain with procrastination. But It ended upto be really damn cold that night and we slept inside an entrance hall of a hotel for theremainder of the night haha :D.After that me and my friend just went out and jumped in the ocean :D But it ended up as a really nice experience and I probably should do more of those!
  • I’ve also organized an airsoft-event with some friends and we called it “airsoft-battlegame”. This was  initially a school assignment but it turned out to be a great learning opportunity. Here’s a picture of me and my team organizing our very own sports-event (I’m on the right and Michael is on the left);
  • For the future I’m planning to go to FIBO 2014 on the 6th of april, which is the biggest fitness expo in Europe with Matti and Fabian where I hope to meet Greg Plitt so I can cross that of my bucket list!
  • I’m also going to start planning my surf trip to Hossegor, France with Michael, Nicolas and Siri so that should be another great experience. But since they are not the best at planning anything, I’ll take that responsibility ;)


  • I haven’t been connecting with my family on a deeper level since my beliefs about what they can accomplish and theirs are total opposites. It would require a great deal of effort and time to really make a lasting impact on their life (and I don’t have much credibility yet that what I’m saying can actually work) and I just don’t have the motivation required to do so either.
  • I’ve given them all a link to my blog on which they can check out what I’m up to and my ideas about the world. This way I might indirectly aid them in improving their lives. I hope it’ll work out for them for the better. So for the future, I’m not going to put in any effort in changing the beliefs of my parents. When they come to me for help I’ll gladly offer that but besides that I’m not responsible for their situation.
  • I’ve send my dad a copy of the four hour work week by Timothy Ferris and I’m hoping he’ll get good value out of it to regain more control of his work life since he is doing waaaay to many hours. (In a job he doesn’t like, I believe)


  • This part has been a big source of excitement lately since a lot of new possibilities have sprouted in my mind! During my internship (in a cross-fit gym,in a city nearby) I’ve been flirting on the train and the bus and have gottenquite some success with that.I’ve gotten a new girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend ;), two phone numbers, a couple of new facebook friends and dozens of nice conversations. Doing this regularly makes me more confident in talking to women and makes me realize that it isn’t such a big deal. These are nice experiences to support my existing beliefs.
  • I’ve got another thirthy day challenge coming up (so that makes three! reading, meditation & opening) which involves opening one girl I don’t know every day for thirty days straight. This will force me out of my comfort zone even when I’m not in the talking mood. This is probably going to be a pretty difficult challenge. But I’m not going to procrastinate on this one. So I’ve scheduled this one for may 2014.



I’m very proud on what I’ve accomplished in this area over the last three months!  First off,

  • I’ve made my own website! How awesome is that? is official up and running since January 2014! Which is ‘effin awesome! It took me awhile to tune everything according to my preferences but IMO it’s looking really good atm.
  • I’ve also been consistently posting on this website and have been actively correcting older posts (still doing so). And by SEO I’ve been able to climb the ranks in google for my brand name (elemental health)! Here’s what my website currently looks like;
                                                                     MMmmm so shiny…
  • Furthermore, I’ve created a simple system to structure and simplify my life. A simple step-by-step method to figure out who you are, where you want to go, whyyou want go there and how you can get there. It doesn’t skip hard work, neither is it a shortcut.But it has provided me some clarity for designing my desired life. So I’m probably going to mold this into a email course I’m planning to give away for free in the future! But I want it to be really good and structured (atm , I’m still optimizing it, so that’ll probably be up mid-June.
  • I’m going add the ”hello bar to my website for people who are new to my site and that will link to this free email-course! I’ve also been starting to write an e-book about quitting video-games and regaining control in your life. I used to be addicted to video games but finally found some great tips on how to quit them for good! I’m aiming to finish this book by the end of April. It’s not going to be that long (around 30pg) but it should add tremendous value to people looking to quit videogames and regain control in their life.
  • I’m also looking to write a guest post in the near future. This will be a great learning opportunity for improving my content and also a great opportunity to reach out to more people.
  • I’m also planning to update all my older posts on my website to fit my new blogging standards and offcourse keep writing relevant and valuable content in the future! So definitely stick around!



  • I’ve demanded my parents to give me less money during the week to become more self-reliant. This has forced me to look for alternative routes to support myself financially, instead of relying on others. This will be a tremendous benefit in the future and has already made me a lot more self-sufficient
  • I’ve also bought a camera to film my trips, workouts, nutritional videos and whatnot so I can add those to my weblog (and it’s also a great way to keep track of all the cool stuff I’m going to do!)
  • goals-cameraI’ve also donated money to Steve Pavlina and Owen Cook since I’ve pirated some of their products (yeah, I know :/) and after I made a commitment not to tolerate piracy any longer, it just didn’t feel right anymore. So that’s out of the way but I’m planning to make more contributions to more people in the future (especially music artists like skillet, thousand foot krutch and crossfade) same reason.
  • Like I mentioned above I’m writing a in-depth book about how I quit videogames and how others can take more control of their life. I’m planning to sell this on amazon for a low price.
  • I’m also going to look for more work (probably picking up trash in the city I study in, which actually pays quite well for students (14€/hour) but I have little security of employment –> So I might have to search for something else).
  • I’m also going to order a mastercard so I can order books, music and products online. With my normal bankcard this just isn’t possible (insert sad face :()


The last goals I’ve been working on are off course my energy goals! Basically anything that provides fun and enjoyment in my life is on this list. So I’ve already mentioned above the trips I’ve done and am planning to do with my friends.

Besides those I’m probably going to go out at least once a week

and I’m planning to do some comfort zone challenges like wearing pink unicorn shirts in the gym, using cliché pick-up lines on women and some more fun stuff I’m brainstorming about. But I’ll probably will make a more in-depth post on the value of comfort zone challenges in the future!.



So that’s where I’m currently at! I’ve made some great progress and I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

And I’m also very grateful for all these chances that I’ve been given and that I’ve been able to create for myself. But all that aside, I’m aiming to shoot beyond that in the next couple of months! I’m going to keep growing across all areas and really challenge myself to get the most out of the next three months.

My main focus for now (next three months) will be;

  • Keeping my training and diet in check
  • Working on my human flag and handstand push up (at least 3 times/week)
  • The reading challenge (20 pages/day starting april 8th )
  • Getting my driver’s license the 14th of april
  • Plan my surf trip to Hossegor France
  • Find a part-time job
  • Write 3000 words in my book
  • Upload travel/personal-development/experiences videos to YT!
  • Update all older posts to meet current blogging standards
  • Summarize all my Books (and put reviews on website)
  • Create empowering beliefs (most difficult one)
  • ( 1 Social/Comfort challenge) -> this one is optional
  • Outline my email course + create squeeze page –> DOWNLOAD

Alright! My goals are looking great so far. Now I just need to stay committed to them by cultivating empowering beliefs and linking tremendous pleasure to taking action on these goals and pain to inaction! (Yeah, Tony Robbins has brainwashed me for good!)

I hope this post was relevant to your own goals or that it at least has given you some ideas on how to define your goals more clearly. If you are struggling with this, I would recommend you to download my Goal Setting Template in my Toolbox (Free) and figure out for yourself exactly what you want in all areas! (include deadlines -> e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and ultimate goals)

PS: I’m also recording all my goals and achievements from now-on in videoblogs, weblogs and in a journal that I’m writing in everyday. This way I can easily keep track of what needs to be done to get where I want to be!

Anyways, pretty awesome that you made it so far into this post. If you’re having any thoughts or questions on this topic (or something random to say) feel free to share that with me in the comment section below! Take Care! Love Simon

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  1. Hey man,

    I ran into your blog and absolutely fell in love with it. I’m in the same exact situation you were in, and I would love to get to where you are now. I am a huge avid gamer, and realized that it was the biggest time sink ever. I’ve begun to set goals for myself, and would love to chat with you more.

    Hopefully I can provide some value for you as well!

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