My Goal Review (Q1 2016)

“Stop reading stupid quotes and take some action”  – Aristotle


Alright, first quarter into 2016. There’s been quite some changes lately, some positive and some not so positive. The major ones that happened are;

  • I’ve started the last +-4 months of college, demanding an insane amount of my time and energy + For some inexplicable reason I have none of the latter (will do a blood-check soon).
  • I’ve moved back home (living on a dorm room is over now).

I don’t really believe I’ve achieved that much the last three months and overall was pretty negative throughout march because school is demanding so much of my energy & time. Which I still believe is a complete waste of time.

I kinda feel like my life sucks at this point and might even be the lowest I’ve felt in quite a while (last two years). It’s simply an observation that the situation I’m in at the moment must be greatly improved upon – not negativity. Since there’s simply no use in dwelling on negativity. Nothing changes and nobody cares.

Therefore I’ll keep this review short-ish (are they ever?).

I’m also not going to spam this article to my email list as I mostly write them for myself, to give me a clear overview of my life in retrospect and clearly analyze what I need to work on. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated though.

  • Achieved
  • Cancelled
  • Failed


> I’ll reach Dual N back Lvl 6 (10 games/day)
I’ve realized this isn’t worth the time invested and therefore cancelled the goal. There’s not many scientific proof that backs up that doing this training carries over in other cognitive disciplines. My memory is still crap though.

> I’ll do a 80% consistent MR (58,3%)
This means I’ve woken up around 6:30, 42 out of the 72 days I should have. This is incredibly low, probably the lowest I’ve had so far.

> I’ll read 8 books
Crucial conversations, models, how to talk to anyone, rails crash course, psycho-cybernetics
Great books, mostly focusing down on improving social/career skills & re-visiting some of my favorites. Due to time constraints I’ve stopped reading in the morning & started programming for 1-1,5 hours in the morning (since it’s more important IMO). Here’s some quotes I liked;

“Relationships die when we stop talking about things that matter (anger or indifference). We grow resentful when we don’t talk about what matters”


Our fight or flight instinct makes us incredibly incompetent at handling difficult conversations. Most people handle them badly.


I’ve been coping with a lot of negativity lately. Mainly because my school is demanding an incredible amount of time and energy to complete utterly useless tasks (working for free for 350h for someone & writing an 18 000+ word thesis on health).


I’m going to fucking graduate in july, period. I’m going to leave that shit behind forever. (And prob. going to write an angry post about what you should learn when you’re young.)

Also moved back home with my mom. Which is a stupid little town in the middle of nowhere. I want to move out as soon as (financially) possible since it sincerely limits me in approaching girls, social activities, commuting, privacy, positive environment, opportunities …. .

The last day @ my dorm room. Saying goodbye on the roof.

Satisfaction: 3/10


> I’ll weigh 86kg in the morning, 13% bf (or less)
I’ve been bulking up since december-ish and have gained about 6kg & 3% body-fat. Currently (April) I’m going back down to 8% body fat, probably the leanest I’ve been since 2012. Here’s my current meal plan & a physique update (morning, no-pump). I’m 85,2 at around 12-13% (estimate).

> I’ll have my back injury cured – if not by end januari -> 2nd opinion
Still not better despite asking 2 physicians for their “expertise”. I’ve done a full body-scan and apparently I have a protruding discus, the start of a hernia. The physician has recommended some core stability exercises as my TVA (deeper abs) are underdeveloped compared to my back and this is what (supposedly) led to this injury. Now that I have a decent strategy to combat this injury it (normally) should be fixed in 1-2 months (end June).

> I’ll have 7,5 Hours Of Sleep Each Night On Average (8,4)
I’ve been getting quite enough sleep.

> I’ll have 7,5+ average energy (6,4)
But despite that don’t seem to be getting more energy. There’s a shitload of factors that contribute to energy levels. Here’s some questions I’ve been asking myself;

  • Sickness? Ejaculations? Micronutriënt deficiencies? Enough calories? Keto transition? Bad quality food? Enough hours of sleep?  Sleep Quality? Bad sleep consistency? Chronic stress? Motivated/excited? Stimulation level? Is pluto aligned with the right star?

And I can’t seem to figure out why it’s so inconsistent despite optimizing these factors (planet pluto doesn’t always cooperate though) . Overall I believe it’s due to a negative mindset, chronic stress, too low carb on heavy training & sleep inconsistency. Diet has changed a lot the last weeks since I’m starting my cut now. But just to be sure I’m going to take a blood & stool test (done this today). Here’s an overview of my health (energy) the last 7 weeks – absolute garbage.

> I’ll do a 1 week vegan experiment & bulletproof coffee
The vegan week was overall pretty crappy. I don’t recommend anyone doing a similar type of diet. Humans should eat meat. period. We’ve been hunters and gathers for the biggest part of our existence, there’s no changing our biological make-up for the latest cultural trends. Bulletproof coffee hasn’t been really noticeable on my cognitive performance and therefore stopped it. I also believe you shouldn’t drink coffee on a regular basis since it blocks the receptors in the brain which register tiredness. The body should be allowed to be tired and recover when it is tired.


I’m having inexplicably low energy levels; Trouble thinking, memorizing, argumentation, following conversation-threads and so-forth. Abnormal shit. I’m getting a blood-test soon to see what’s going on since this seriously is screwing up my life quality.

Satisfaction: 2/10


> I’ll succeed the business course (12/01/16)
I’ve done an exam on business essentials (law, bookkeeping, …). This was required for starting a business.

> I’ll file a business for truetech (12/01/16)
I’ve started my first company. Nothing spectacular – I do some free-lance web development – but only have had 2 customers so far. I’m more using it as a portfolio to land a front-end web-developing job soon.

> I’ll develop a website for truetech (fancy one-pager)
I’m getting better at this – but I don’t know if it’s enough to land me a job in front-end development though. Need to accurately devise a plan for the future. A la free-work from Charlie Hoehn.

> I’ll upload my portfolio application to
It’s currently offline and links back to my company website. Here’s what my progression looks like, compared to the new one;

> I’ll hire my own ruby on rails configured server (60€/y)
Apparently this isn’t necessary to run ruby applications, I can just use heroku  :/.

> I’ll build at least 7 web applications: (3); Portfolio (offline), TrueTech, Multi-author blog)

> I’ll get at least 7 paying clients for truetech
So far I’ve had two customers on I’ve been doing the assignments they give me but haven’t received any payment so far. It’s good experience nevertheless.

> I’ll finish the ODIN Web-development 101 course
Not a priority at this point.

> I’ll write the cooking-book for my internship and create an initiative for his email-list
I’ve started on a cookbook for my final internship. I’ve spent a shitload of time on it so far but still needs a lot of damn work.

> I’ll have my thesis completed
Same thing. I have to write a paper on healthy nutrition and make a video course based on that information. Still needs a crapton of work. Looks pretty fancy though, simple overview. I’ve made a small demo available here

> I’ll get another part-time job starting in februari (80€/week, 1/2days)
I have only gotten another part-time job since 26 march. But it pays me at least 85€/week which keeps me going for now. It pays for a decent level of good quality food.

> I’ll spend < 60€/week (spent 88€/week on average)
Got some new unexpected costs like a new gym membership, business registration, back injury, … .


I’m doing ok financially. By getting a regular side-job I’m able to get my food quality to a decent level although it doesn’t seem to show in my energy. Main frustration is the time I need to invest into school.

The fact it even falls under the category “wealth” is a joke. Programming has been increasingly better and there’s definitely career potential there, but the low energy makes it near impossible to get any serious work done.

Unlike previous jobs I’ve had to do it’s actually cognitively demanding.

Satisfaction: 5/10


> I’ll do 90 approaches (46), 9 dates (4), 4 girls kissed (5)
This was primarily the first two months (jan & feb) when I still lived at my dorm. I still went to the train station about three times/week to talk to girls to overcome social anxiety and become more confident around attractive girls. Approached 46 girls, 4 girls dated, 5 girls kissed & had sex with 3 new girls (more than whole last year combined = good!).

> I’ll do 4 meetups/events
– FOSDEM (30 & 31 januari)
“A Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting”. Basically it’s a bunch of developers meeting up to share the latest trends in the sector. Pretty cool experience.

– Tech Startup Day (18/02/2016)
Didn’t keep track of this & missed it. Was also kind of expensive.
– Ruby Meetup (jan, feb & march)
A series of ruby on rails meetups with people who already know what they’re doing. I’m kind of using them as a mentoring group. But due to moving back home, this meet-up is now on the other side of the country basically.
– Yevgueni (15/01/2016)
One singer I really like. Was great, would definitely do this again.

– Guido Belcanto (x/02/2016)
Another singer. This guy sucked however & I left earlier.

> I’ll see/skype Nicolas & Michael at least once a week!
I’ve missed one week the last three months I didn’t see both of them. I feel increasingly like we’re each going our own way.

> I’ll organize/plan 1 boardgame evening every other week
I haven’t been prioritizing my social hobbies much since the incredible energy & time demands of school. But I still like to resume this once I move out of the house.


The positive dating experiences in the beginning of the year were great (and probably the best results I’ve had in my entire life). Had a blast “overcoming” my approach anxiety and lurking in the train station stalking innocent, cute girls. It’s definitely worth the time invested and something I’ll resume in the future.

At this time it’s simply not a priority though – Sex is fun and attractive girls are awesome to hang out with (and definitely something you should work hard on) but it simply doesn’t change anything. At the end of the day you’ve made zero fucking progress.

It’s (hardly – but you get the point) similar to going to Disney land or eating McDonalds. It’s fun for a few hours and makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside but it makes relatively very little impact on your life quality. Especially when other things are more urgent.

Atm, I want to make more money in an IT-based job so I’ll be able to move to a big city with more opportunities and freedom, period. That’s literally it.

I’m still worried sometimes if I shouldn’t invest more in building up a more substantial social network. However, I rarely meet people who are driven/ambitious enough to start a friendship with. I feel like old connections are getting weaker since we’re each going our separate way.

However I still have to put an effort into it & the factors I can control are openness (sharing everything/talking about what matters) and engagement (putting in effort to actively meet up regularly). We’ll see where this goes.

Satisfaction: 5/10


> I’ll easily  go to FOSDEM (30 & 31 januari)
> I’ll easily  go to Tech Startup Day (18/02/2015
>  I’ll easily  go to Yevgueni (15/01/2016)
> I’ll easily  go to Guido Belcanto (x/02/2016)
See social


I’d want to say; fuck fun, just hustle. But in the long-run that’s not viable. Remembering to go easy once in a while is important, we simply weren’t build for  chronically elevated levels of cortisol – you can either make time to rest & reflect or time to crash/break down from chronic stress overload.

Make a list of things that relax you and make sure to do something from that list once in a while

Satisfaction: 3/10


So, that’s where I’m at right now. Overall I’d rate my life a 5/10. Nothing spectacular and I’d even say a regression on previous achievements. A situation I want to get away from.

I hope I’ll be able to bring a better report next quarter. Here’s some lessons I picked up throughout the last three months;

  • Selling is convincing others of the value of your product/service. Value is completely subjective.
  • Skills get sharp slowly and dull quickly.
  • Almost everything is made, not born.
  • Clear the desk from all tasks not related to your one thing. Shut out the rest of the world & turn off all notifications for an hour or two, once a day & produce high quality intellectual work at the top of your ability.
  • There’s relatively little that others can/will do for you that makes a significant impact on your life quality.
  • Culture does not allow us to transcend our biology. “many human adaptations did not necessarily evolve to promote physical or mental well-being.” They evolved to “promote relative reproductive success (fitness). (Meaning humans didn’t evolve to become optimally healthy, just healthy enough to reproduce)
  • “Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death. The higher the interest rate and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.”
  • “In today’s global economy here is what is scarce:
  1. Quality land and natural resources
  2. Intellectual property, or good ideas about what should be produced.
  3. Quality labor with unique skills
  • Here is what is not scarce these days:
  1. Unskilled labor, as more countries join the global economy
  2. Money in the bank or held in government securities, which you can think of as simple capital, not attached to any special ownership rights
  • Don’t let disaster and success get you too far off-track in getting what you want; Find new ways to engage yourself. Do the most actionable thing when in doubt – something is better than nothing, even if it’s the wrong thing
  • “Sometimes human systems become so large that they hurt people, not by design, but by inertia (too complex to be altered). And it’s beyond any of our ability to grasp, let alone control.” – Mark Manson on poverty & immigration
  • “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”
  • “I have absolutely no idea what to do or how to do it, and I know absolutely nobody who does either.”
  • Offering fewer services (so fewer angles to make money) to less people (who can pay you) can actually make you more money – Glenn Alsopp
  • Life will conspire against you, to bring you to your knees
  • Life: “figure out how to do it once, then save it in a script – repeat”. (Find one path to health, wealth & love and you’re golden)
  • Feeling manipulative comes from bad intentions OR hidden intentions
  • Practically all of the best opportunities (in business, in romance, etc) are only offered to people who already have more than they need. Being in shape, being great with women and being wealthy (and getting more of it) is easy. Getting there is the only hard part.
  • Most relationships are codependent, chosen out of scarcity and loneliness instead of abundance.
  • General social skills translate/transfer into being good with women
  • As with any type of failure – it’s not until a certain amount that you realize how little it matters
  • Who are others to decide what a good personality is like?
  • You are what you’re good at (how other people perceive you).
  • “If you don’t get your career right – you’re going to hate most of your life” – tai lopez
  • Rejection is a better feeling than loneliness/regret

That’s all there is to say for today.

How was your last quarter? 

Take care,



  • 1) No spam, no link-pasting, excessive swearing or destructive feedback.
  • 2) Use new lines to separate long comments
  • 3) Comment with your first name
  • 4) Don't argue with strangers when it doesn't affect your life quality.


  1. I just discovered your blog today, whilst reading your review of Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps. I really enjoy your refreshing honesty and mature intelligent outlook on life.

  2. 1) Do ONE thing: Hvae ONE goal for 3 months. You read the book now apply it! The reason your energy is down is because you’re doing too many things. You’ll be surprised just how much more you’ll accomplish.

    2) Read “Willpower Instinct” and “how to fail at everything and still win big”
    You need them. You just dont know it yet.

    3) Your college degree is not helping you get where YOU want to be. My advice “barely” scrape through yoour degree and get hustling online as soon as you can. Just pass.

    People wont tell you this out of fear of coming across as arrogant and I was hesitant at first. But I couldn’t help myself. I made the same mistakes you’re making now. If someone had told me the above advise earlier I would have saved 2 years of my time. I’ve got a successful online business now and haven’t been happier. Hope you take my advice.

  3. Dont commit my ex-mistakes:

    1. Your school is not getting you to what you want in life: business/freedom

    I know this might sound crazy but its about doing the right thing not doing things right.

    I did a phd and it drained my time and energy and didn’t really get anywhere close to freedom.

    When I quit my job few months ago I almost immediately started making good money online.

    Do ONE thing. You’ve read the book. Now apply what it says. Don’t split your energy in doing SO many things like your goal reviews require you to.

    2. PLEASE read “how to fail at everything and still win big”
    You need it, you just dont know it yet.

    Do these two things and you’ll thank me.

    Sorry if this comes across as arrogant. Not my intentin. I just think you could avoid making my mistakes and succeed a lot faster

    Good luck my man.

    1. 1) I know. But here’s what it did give me;

      1. Allowed more time for self-discovery
      2. Allowed me more time to become more social & practice pick up
      3. Allowed me to see what most of my competition is like (mostly 9gag/zombies)
      4. Discover the real important things to learn
      5. Learn to face obstacles I see as completely irrelevant
      6. Learned me to handle fools
      7. Made me more independent & reliant and trust only my own judgment (mostly it’s the best)

      + It’s only two more months. The cost of not-finishing is higher than the remaining effort I’ll need to put in.

      I’m pretty focused on one thing; Making money and making sure my health doesn’t suffer under it. That’s it atm.

      2) I’ve checked the contents; I already like it;

  4. Hey Simon,
    I found your website last year, and just recently came back to it. I must say I relate when you talk about your low, since I have been feeling like that several times throughout the last 2 years, which is not healthy in my opinion. I guess life after college has not turned out the way I thought it would. Anyways, I am also trying to improve my life in all aspects, I even have a website/blog to talk about things that matter towards my progress in achieving my goals. It is hard for me to find inspiration to keep going at it every single day, but it is things like this that get me going.
    Good job on the website, I like how detailed it is, and hope to see more from it,

    Andrew I.

    1. I guess life after college has not turned out the way I thought it would.

      I understand exactly what you mean. It’s disappointing, certainly since you’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into it.

      Here’s a quote from Mihaly C. from flow;

      When we pass from the hopeful ignorance of youth into sobering adulthood we recognize the world is indifferent and that civilization is build upon the repression of individual desires and enforcement of the habits and skills the culture requires. The only way out is by having an ordered consciousness with own rewards

      Meaning the only way out is by setting our own goals and pursuing the rewards they give us. Don’t focus on how life isn’t giving you what you want (problem-oriented), focus on solving it on daily basis (solution-oriented)

      It is hard for me to find inspiration to keep going at it every single day

      The daily struggle does take its toll, even on strong-minded people. The want-factor prevails + the indispensible ability to be able to shut up your own negative self-talk/bullshit our crap brain tells us.

      I’m really really glad you like what I’m writing – I want to resume it when I finish school this summer.

      Take care Andrew

      1. Hello Simon,

        Thank you for your reply. That quote is spot on! I agree that people who are having a rough time should focus more on providing solutions and stop relying on others to fix them. However, I must say that after having this improvement (solution oriented) mentality for the past 2 and a half years and not seeing results, I guess I just slowly started giving up. Yes, the daily struggle does take its toll. Right now I am trying to force myself to get back on it but I find myself waking up everyday without any motivation whatsoever. Don’t want to make this a sad post, just want to make it clear how i am feeling.

        I must admit that it is my fault, maybe I did not step out of comfort zone enough, maybe i didn’t talk to the right people or took the right opportunities, I just want to point out that sometimes its not as simple as turning a switch and bam we are motivated again. I will continue to try to get back at it, like I said its been hard this past couple of months, but I will make it my life purpose to keep on trying until I make it, no matter what anybody says (or what I say at times, since I can be a pessimistic).

        Once again thanks for the reply, and hope you are doing well.


        1. Hello Andrew,

          I couldn’t help reading your comments and I hope the following words of advice help:

          Stop “force[ing] yourself to get back on it”, if whatever you’ve been doing for the past two and a half years isn’t working for you, realise it, really think about it, and move on. Try spending the next month doing something different every morning. Switch up your routine, go completely out of your comfort zone and see what gets you going and what sets you back.

          It isn’t to late to step out of your comfort zone or talk to strangers (there is no such thing as talking to “the right people”), you have to talk to everyone to know who is for you and who is against you.

          Good Luck Stranger :)

  5. Hi Simon,
    Thank you for your blog, especially the goal reviews. Very inspiring. Very very inspiring.
    I am a big fan! I am trying to be as successful as you are and will stay. I’m not working in your job area, thus I don’t have the chance to get you as a great competitor to push me up :)
    Anyway, can’t wait to read you again. Please, don’t stop!

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I – however – found my progress lacking this quarter but I’m glad you got something out of it.

      I plan to resume writing on a more regular basis once I’ve moved out of the house.

  6. Hey Simon

    First of all: congrats mate! I think you’re doing great. Keep on improving yourself!

    I didn’t read the whole post word by word, but I think it’s a bit negative… Even though you didn’t accomplish all the goals shouldn’t make you feel bad. As long as you keep on writing down your goals and evaluating yourself, you’ll make massive progress.

    In short: Keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great!
    Get the degree and and then enjoy the time after.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Jonas,

      I don’t find it negative. It’s more of an observation that I dislike the situation I’m currently in and that it needs to be changed/improved.

      It’s one thing to accept the situation (being idle), another to deny it (fighting it).

      The best is to realize it for what it is and steer your life in the direction you do want to go.

      A balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance.

      You guys are doing great too – I’ve check the blog.

      Take care,

      1. Thanks.

        I agree. It’s to find a balance between the two things. I think, we need both at all times. We can always improve and at the same time we should accept where we are now.

        All the best.

        Keep on rocking and improving yourself!

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