My Goal Review (Q2 2014)

Goal Review

Alright there have been another three months that have flown by and therefore I’m doing another three-monthly goal review (like I did for the first quarter of the year – previous report). In this report I’ll be sharing with you the goals I’ve accomplished (and failed) the past three months and what I’m going got be focusing on the next quarter. this way I can get a clear idea of where I’m going and how I can get there.

Secondly, doing this will also make me accountable to reach the goals I’ve set out for myself. By keeping myself accountable to you I’ll have that extra push to actually do the things I set out to do (although I set pretty high goals for myself haha).

You’re probably wondering why I even set goals in the first place. “There’s no point in that” “I know where I’m going and don’t need to write it down” “Goal Setting doesn’t work because I’ll never reach them anyway”

Written goals have been proven time and time again that they can make a huge impact on your life altogether! A study about goal setting at Harvard University in the book What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School” by Mark McCormack discovered the following truth;

“Only three percent of the graduates had written goals and plans; 13 percent had goals, but they were not in writing; and a whopping 84 percent had no specific goals at all.

Ten years later, the members of the class were interviewed again, and the findings, while somewhat predictable, were nonetheless astonishing. The 13 percent of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all. And what about the three percent who had clear, written goals? They were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.”

I’m not overstating the value of clearly written goals. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again (not to be a complete a-hole but because it’s that important); 

“Without goals you’re not going anywhere.”

Find out what it is that you want and act on it.

Anyway, like always I reflect on my goals in each of the 7 areas of my life. I’ll be doing this by firstly reviewing my old goals I had set for the past three months and than sharing the new goals I’ve set so far for the next quarter.

Alright, we’re off!


Old Goals

  • I’ve been going out at least once each week to enjoy a good time with my friends and to get away from the stresses in my life!
  • I’ve still been writing every single day for the last six months in my journal! Every day is present and accounted! Looking back on my life has given me a lot of clarity of where I want to go in the future. It’s also really enjoyable to re-read some old memories.

    goal review journal
    My Journal!
  • I’ve also been doing a morning ritual consistently for the last six months which empowers me to be my best self every day.

New Goals

Vacation is coming up and I have been planning quite a lot of goals for the next three months in all areas of my life but I recognize I also need balance and therefore I’ve also set up the following energy goals;

  • I’ll easily be going to the Real Social Dynamics Freetour the 10th of July in Amsterdam with my friends
  • I’ll easily participate in Route Du Soleil (roadtrip + party at the end) where I’ll enjoy my time, practice my pick-up and cross some things of my bucket list. Like;
    – Watch sunset on a beach
    – Bungee-jumping
    – Send a message in a bottle
  • I’ll easily be doing a camping trip with some other friends to France (not specific yet, I know!)
  • I’ll easily be going to Barcelona with my mom the 4th of August


Old Goals

I’ve made significant progress in this area the last couple of months by a drastic change in mindset. Whenever I encounter resistance or dis-empowering beliefs, I use the STFU manifesto, which basically states that whenever you’re trying to bring yourself down you immediately demand of yourself to shut the f up. Works like a charm in overcoming procrastination!

  • I haven’t been meditating regularly and that has made me significantly more stressed
  • I did not complete the 30-day meditation challenge I set out three months ago.
  • I have been visualizing my goals everyday during my morning ritual after I wake up and during my evening ritual before I go to bed

New Goals

  • I’ll easily include meditation in my morning ritual after I’ve taken a shower. 10 mins of meditation for 30 days. (until end of july)
  • I’ll easily fix my dis-empowering beliefs. I’m going to make a belief review every Sunday where I simply write down all my dis-empowering beliefs and find new ways to change these.


This area has been pretty exciting lately since I’ve been making good progress on the things I wanted to reach.

Old Goals

    • I’ve started cutting down the first of june and am steadily dropping my weight to about 80kg (83kg at the moment). I’ve done this by increasing my cardio and lowering my caloric intake.
    • I’ve grown out my hair to disconnect my confidence from the way I look (since September) and have cut it all off the 1st of June as planned (didn’t film it though)
      Read: How I Overcame My Lack Of Confidence (By Being A Hippie)
goal review physique
Current hair/physique (04/07/2014)
    • I did not hire a personal trainer since I’m fairly pleased with the results I’m getting and I don’t have enough money for it (read: don’t want to spend my money on it)
    • I’ve completed my dead-lift goal of 200kg the 1st of June! (sortof since my grip failed)
  • I haven’t been practicing my handstand push-ups and human flag regularly enough and therefore I’m not yet able to do a 10 second human flag nor 3 strict handstand push-ups
  • I haven’t started krav maga yet, since I won’t be near the training facility in the summer. But I’m determined to pick this up when school starts again in mid-September
  • I’ve also done an internship at the crossfit gym in our region. There I met some really cool people who have supplied me with a load of information about training and diet! I’ve also made a short but sweet after movie about my internship that you can check out here;

New Goals

  • I’ll easily cut down until I reach 80kg morning weight (currently 83kg). After that I’m going to start a short maintenance phase (recuperation). And at the start of the new school year I’m going to focus again on increasing strength. To do this I’ll have to be more strict with my diet since I tend to slip a lot lately (not on the quality of the food I eat but on the quantity)
  • I’ll easily be able to do a 10 second human flag (straight) by the 15th of august
  • I’ll easily be able to do 3 handstand push-ups by the 31st of august
  • I’ll be starting krav maga at the start of next school-year every monday and friday


This area hasn’t really been going that well lately but I’m aiming to step it up a notch next quarter!

Old Goals

New Goals

I’ve decided to bump it up a notch in this area (each area actually) therefore I’m going to;

  • I’ll easily read 6 books
    – How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie (currently reading)
    – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki (currently reading)
    – Fire In The Belly by Sam Keen
    – Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
    – Mans Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl
    – 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene (audiobook)

    goal review new books
    New Books!
  • I’ll easily make playing piano a habit. I’ve borrowed a book from the library to study theory and practice it!
    – Be able to play In The End intro by Linking Park (31/07)
    – Be able to play Whispers In The Dark intro (acoustic) by Skillet (31/08)
    – Be able to play Fur Elise intro by Beethoven (30/09)
    I might even need a mentor in this area but at the moment I can’t afford that (read: don’t want to prioritize this)
  • I’ll easily participate in an evening-schooling program where I will learn the basics of electricity so I’ll have another skill under my belt
  • I’ll easily pass all my re-examinations in August and September and therefore I will start at least 3 weeks in advance with studying


I’ve been doing generally OK the last couple of months in this area and I can safely say that I’m progressing in the overall direction I want to go in, but still I believe I’m able to accomplish more if only I commit to taking more action.

Old Goals


  • I’ve been going out regularly for the past couple of months with my friends!
    goal review party
  • I’ve done a pool party with some of my friends!
  • I went to FIBO with a couple of friends in April, where I met some really cool guys like Marc Fitt and Furious Pete
    goal review Fibo
  • I tried to coach a good friend of mine in overcoming his health problems but when the vacation started he stopped answering my calls/messages so I can’t continue with that. I has given me a lot of insights on how to train people more effectively and just how to handle them in general.


  • Going to Barcelona with my mom the 4th of August


  • By going out regularly I’ve been able to practice on my pick-up and skill and therefore have improved this dramatically. I can honestly say I’m able to enjoy and relate to women in nightclubs a lot better than three months ago.In nightclubs I’m able to overcome my approach anxiety and continuously have a self-amused state whereas in the day I find this harder to do (although I don’t drink alcohol)
  • I failed the 30 day challenge to talk to one random girl everyday (biiiig fail!)

New Goals


  • I’ll easily be going to the Real Social Dynamics Freetour the 10th of July in Amsterdam with my friends
  • I’ll easily be participating in Route Du Soleil where I’ll enjoy my time with friends
  • I’ll easily go out at least once a week with friends
  • I’ll easily apply the principles I’ve learned in “How To Win Friends And Influence People” to everyone I meet (big change!)


  • I’ll easily be going to Barcelona with my mom
  • I’ll easily keep in touch with my family at least twice a week (check-up)


  • I’ll easily go out solo 3x
  • I’ll easily talk to one girl a day on the street (for 14 days)


Alright now we’ve come to one of my main focuses. My business and work related goals. I’ve been making a bazillion changes the past months and will continue to do so the next three months!

Old Goals

    • I’ve gotten a brand new logo for my website!
      goal review logo
    • I’ve made a video about my journey up until this point!

New Goals

  • I’ll easily write 6 guest posts
  • I’ll easily write 15 blogposts (5/month)
  • I’ll easily create a facebook + website banner
  • I’ll easily post on facebook at least 2x each week
  • I’ll easily keep my subscribers updated of new content and ideas (Saturday)
  • I’ll easily write at least 5 minutes every day
  • I’ll easily update my mission statement for my blog


Old Goals

  • I’ve been writing on my book on How To Overcome Video Game Addiction
    Here’s a sneak-peak at the cover;
    goal review cover
  • I’ve found a part-time job as garbage collector in the city where I study. This way I can make some extra money on the side!
  • I’ve ordered myself a brand new master card and now i’m able to do international transactions!

New Goals

  • I’ll easily work for 4 weeks in garbage collecting to make some extra money during the vacation
  • I’ll easily release my ebook “How To Overcome Video Game Addiction” by 30/07
  • I’ll easily expand my life coaching email course by 5000 words to create into an ebook
  • I’ll easily summarize my top expense + top incomes every Sunday
  • I’ll easily make a video on fiverr to help people build muscle and lose weight by supplying them with either a 4-week workout routine or a meal plan. By 25/07
  • I’ll easily contact kingpin-social to be an affiliate for my ebook on How To Overcome Video Game Addiction
  • I’ll easily make a 300€ investment
  • I’ll easily make an overview on everything I know on how to make money and become rich in a word file
  • (I’ve been contemplating on making videoblogs again so this one is optional)


goal review check

Alright! This was my goal review for the second quarter of 2014. So now you know where I’m currently at! I’ve made some great progress the past three months (IMO) and I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

I’ve also failed quite some goals I had set for myself but I choose not to focus on my failures but on the lessons I get from them. I’ve been work on my productivity relentlessly and I’m confident I’m going to get much more done the next three months when compared to this quarter.

I’m also very grateful for all the chances that I’ve been given and the ones I’ve been able to create for myself. But all that aside, I’m aiming to shoot beyond that in the next couple of months! I’m going to keep growing across all areas of life and really challenge myself to get the most out of the next quarter.

I need to continuously keep improving myself so I’ll be able to lead the best possible life in the future. And I want you to do the same!

I hope this post was relevant to your own goals or that it at least has given you some ideas on how to define your goals more clearly. If you are struggling with this, I would recommend you to download my Goal Setting Template in my Toolbox (Free) and figure out for yourself exactly what you want in all areas! (include deadlines! -> e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and ultimate goals)

You can also read some of my previous posts on Goal Setting

PS: I’m also recording all my goals and achievements from now-on in video-blogs, weblogs and in a journal that I’m writing in everyday. This way I can easily keep track of what needs to be done to get where I want to be! I encourage you to do the same!

This way you’ll be able to see more clearly all the progress you’ve made and how you can keep creating yourself to live the life you’ve designed for yourself. (If you haven’t already, I recommend trying out my Free Life Coaching Email Course to design the life you want to live) You’re able to unsubscribe at any time if you want to ;)

Another great source on creating the life you want is My Life Plan by Stefan PylarinosIn that blogpost Stefan talks about how exactly he manages his life to be as successful as possible.

Here’s to a better life! Here’s to a life worth living.

Anyways, pretty awesome that you made it so far into this post. If you’re having any thoughts or questions on this topic (or something random to say) feel free to share that with me in the comment section below!

I’m going to leave you guys with one last question;

What are you focusing on at the moment?

Take Care!




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  1. Hey,

    Just saw you over at Steve’s site and popped over here. Interesting article here, and some ambitious goals. Nice!

    I would add one thing though, I used to use the same “strategy” and make lots of goals, but I’ve found (in the past year) that it’s been more effective to keep a it fewer goals as it reduces the chance of conflict.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for the feedback man! Really appreciate it Ludvig :)

      Interesting insight! I’ve only really began setting goals since December last year and have found out that I indeed don’t reach everything I set out to do (because I set ridiculously high goals haha)

      But I don’t really believe that setting fewer goals will help me to accomplish more.
      But then again, haven’t tried that out yet and this might change in the future.

      Anyway as long as I’m making decent progress, I’m going to continue doing this and pushing myself.
      Shoot for the stars and land on the moon, I guess ;)

      edit*: Just checked out your blog and I believe you have some really cool stuff over there! Keep up the awesome work man.

      Take care man and thanks for stopping by!

      ps: Am I confusing quality of goals (higher goals) with quantity (fewer goals)?

      1. Alright mate, just keep it in mind as a future reference if you feel like you’re being over-ambitious (like I was).

        No, I think you got it right. I meant to keep a small quantity. (But high quality ofc!)

        “Shoot for the stars and land on the moon, I guess ;)”

        –Great mindset!

      1. You too! Remember that most of the popular blogs have been up for a couple of years so just keep going? Why not, eh?

        Anyway, I have a serious question: I like your quote about “Without goals you’re not going anywhere” so I’ve been setting myself daily goals and plan to keep going with it.

        I found The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People vey useful. However, what about happiness? I find being effective doesn’t help particularly with happiness so what would you advice? Any books to invest in would be very useful!


        1. Yeah off course! I still enjoy blogging a lot and lately I’m getting more and more people who actually read my stuff haha, feels great!

          Anyway, real happiness (not the escape/quick fix methods like drugs, alcohol and junk food) IMO is derived from three things;

          1) Strong sense of identity (live by your own moral laws to remove friction, the “pure” man cannot possibly suffer)
          2) Growing (excitement, just growing yourself in any area of life)
          3) Contribution (adding value to the world/helping others)

          I’ve actually written a post on this a while back and my view on the subject hasn’t changed yet. If you want you can check it out @ .

          Haven’t found any books I’d recommend on this topic though :/

          Hope this helped! Glad to see you’re making a positive change! If you have any questions about the course. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM!

          Take care Oliver!

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