My Goal Review (Q3 2014)

“What has Simon been doing the last three months?”


This is probably a question that has been plaguing your mind the past couple of months, I know. Therefore I’ve decided to do another goal reflection/update post! (as is common these days)

If not, I’m going to tell you anyway…

What these reports allow me to do is to clearly measure progress on the goals I’ve set for myself, get a better idea of where I want to go in the future and better yet: keep me accountable to actually do the stuff I set out to do.

(Besides, keeping a track record of my goals gives me a sweet overview of my life over time ;))

My Previous Reports;

If you haven’t set any goals yet in your life, I HIGHLY recommend you to do so. Check out my post on how to set goals and get started immediately

PS: I’ve also discontinued several goals (BOOOooo!) to focus myself more on my top priorities at the moment. This will create more space for the really important things

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Normally I always review my old goals and set new ones for the coming quarter. This time I’ve decided I’m going to do it differently.

I’m only going to announce my new goals after the three months have past. So basically, I’m only going to talk about my old goals in this post..


I’ve recently watched this interesting video by Derek Sivers, who explains that his study has found that talking about your goals reduces the chances of you actually achieving them.

This is because social acknowledgement (recognition from your friends/family/…) of your goals gives you the feeling that you’re already one step closer to your goals whilst – in reality – you are still in the same place. Which in turn makes you less likely to work as hard towards actually achieving what you’ve set out to do.

Hence why I won’t be talking about my new goals until I do the next review in December.

I’m not sure if this actually works, but might as well experiment with it and see how it goes.

So without further ado, I’ll dive right into what has gone down the past couple of months and the stuff that hasn’t gone according to plan;


Old Goals

Summer vacation has passed now and there’ve been quite some thing I’ve done to “recharge” (IMO, I did waaay to much).

I recognize I need to reward myself from time to time, in order to keep working on the things I want, but I’ve gone overboard this vacation and could’ve spend my time more productively.

  • I’ll easily be going to the Real Social Dynamics Freetour the 10th of July in Amsterdam with my friends
    > Not completed (due to unforeseen circumstances I had to fall-in at work so I couldn’t make it in time)
  • I’ll easily participate in Route Du Soleil (roadtrip + party at the end) where I’ll enjoy my time, practice my pick-up and cross some things of my bucket list. Like;
    • Watch sunset on a beach
    • Bungee-jumping
      > Not completed due to bad planning. Both of the spots we wanted to go to, were closed that day (Grotte du Mas D’Azil and Pont NapoleonThis is a shame since I really looked forward to doing it
    • Send a message in a bottle
      > I didn’t find a bottle that could be used to make this happen (didn’t search that thoroughly either)
    • Surfing
      > I surfed for the first time in my life! This was awesome. (Although I fell of the board considerably more than actually standing on top of it
    • Wakeboarding
      > Never did this before, but it was a great experience.0
      We also did some sandsurfing, pick-up, swimming, a city trip and a lot of reading. Although it was a great experience, I’m probably just going to go on a camping/hiking trip with some close friends next year.
  • I’ll easily be doing a camping trip with some other friends to France (not specific yet, I know!)
    Not completed, didn’t want to spend more time/money on it after my other vacation
  • I’ll easily be going to Barcelona Spain with my mom the 4th of August
    > Completed, was fun although (again) I wanted it to be more productive. I did shoot my video on purpose at the beach there


I’ve slowly been able to get better and better at controlling my beliefs and therefore my emotional state/behavior which has made a tremendous impact on my social life, productivity and fulfillment levels.

Old Goals

  • I’ll easily include meditation in my morning ritual after I’ve taken a cold shower. 10 mins of meditation for 30 days. (until end of july)
    > I’ve successfully build this up to be a regular habit. I’m incrementally increasing the time spend meditating (I’m at 15 minutes atm and am going to keep it there, for now)
  • I’ll easily fix my dis-empowering beliefs. I’m going to make a belief review every Sunday where I simply write down all my dis-empowering beliefs and find new ways to change these.
    > I’ve been able to fix many of my disempowering beliefs from some recent techniques I learned from reading books and visualization. I’ve described the “techniques” I’ve used in my posts on reprogramming your brain ,re-defining yourself, writing a personal mission statement and doing a morning ritual


This area has been pretty boring an repetitive since I entered a “cutting” phase in which my main goal was to loose bodyfat. With my decreasing bodyfat-percentage, so did my strength drop by 10-15% (which has been frustrating)

Old Goals

  • I’ll easily cut down until I reach 80kg morning weight (currently 83kg). After that I’m going to start a short maintenance phase (recuperation).
    I’ve reached 80kg in mid-August. At the moment I’m in a maintenance phase but I’m going to start lean gaining again mid-Oktober.
    > Current physique updates;
  • I’ll easily be able to do a 10 second human flag (straight) by the 15th of august
    > discontinued skill. (I can do 7 seconds atm)
  • I’ll easily be able to do 3 handstand push-ups by the 31st of august
    > discontinued skill. (I can do 1 rep atm)
  • I’ll easily be starting krav maga at the start of next school-year every monday and friday
    > discontinued skill. I’ve decided that this is too much input compared to what I get in result from it. Basically, the return on investment seems too low.
  • I’ve also picked up some PE. (That’s PENIS ENLARGEMENT folks!) Some basic jelqing and stretching exercises, as recommend by Christopher Deoudes from Why not eh? (also, don’t expect any pictures nor instructional videos from me anytime soon ;) – HUGE kudos to Chris for putting that stuff out there) 
  • I’ve also picked up the habit of fasting one full day a week (Sunday) which has granted me more mental clarity, some fat loss and mental “toughness”. Besides, I don’t have to do any dishes and I don’t have to stick to my regular meal plan (which makes life a lot easier too)


This area has gotten a big step-up compared to last quarter. I’ve been burning trough books and implementing the stuff I’m learning as fast as possible.

Old Goals

  • I’ll easily read 6 books (I read 10)
    • How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie 
    • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki (
    • Fire In The Belly by Sam Keen (
    • Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz 
    • Mans Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl
    • The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco (
      (you should join their forum)
    • The One Thing by Gary Keller (
    • Do The Work by Steven Pressfield (
    • The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hymann (audiobook) (
    • Networking Strategies by John Corcoran (
    • 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene (audiobook)
      I’m not a fan of the amoral “laws” mentioned in this book and therefore I’ve put it off. 
  • I’ll easily make playing piano a habit. I’ve borrowed a book from the library to study theory and practice it!
    • Be able to play In The End intro by Linking Park (31/07)
    • Be able to play Whispers In The Dark intro (acoustic) by Skillet (31/08)
    • Be able to play Fur Elise intro by Beethoven (30/09)
      I might even need a mentor in this area but at the moment I can’t afford that (read: don’t want to prioritize this)
      > Discontinued goal since I believe my current priorities lie elsewhere.
  • I’ll easily participate in an evening-schooling program where I will learn the basics of electricity so I’ll have another skill under my belt
    > Discontinued goal
  • I’ll easily pass all my re-examinations in August and September and therefore I will start at least 3 weeks in advance with studying
    > Not completed. Started later and only passed 3/7 re-examinations. My schooling is falling behind since I’m not convinced of the value it will add to my life once I get my diploma. Therefore the intrinsic motivation is lost. I’ve talked about my opinion on modern education in a previous post.
  • I’ve also picked up commonplacing on OneNote to keep a HUGE record of all the information I find and want to remember. It adds a tremendous amount of structure and clarity to life. It’s something I’d recommend to everyone! Credit for this  (and some other stuff) goes completely to Ludvig “The Machine” Sunström from StartGainingMomentum.comgoal review Onenote
  • I’ve also picked up “The 67 Steps To Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) by multimillionaire Tai Lopez which has given me some GREAT insights on various topics and helps me to shave years of my learning curve (I’ll probably do a review of the full course once I completed it)



I’ve been doing a lot better in the emotional area lately. I’ve been going out regularly to clubs/parties and also my general social life has improved by leaps and bounds. (Partial credit goes to Eddy Baller from

Old Goals


  • I’ll easily be going to the Real Social Dynamics Freetour the 10th of July in Amsterdam with my friends
    > See “Energy-goals”
  • I’ll easily be participating in Route Du Soleil where I’ll enjoy my time with friends
    > See “Energy-goals”
  • I’ll easily go out at least once a week with friends
    > I’ve gone out at least once every single week with my friends, which has allowed me to maintain (and improve) my social skills. I  can proudly call myself a recovering social handicapped now.
  • I’ll easily apply the principles I’ve learned in “How To Win Friends And Influence People” to everyone I meet (big change!)
    > The stuff that’s talked about in this book is simply magical. Treating people right has has a huge impact on my life on so many different levels. Get your basic social skills right and see for yourself how these principles take effect.


  • I’ll easily be going to Barcelona with my mom, uncle and niece
    > See “Energy-goals”
  • I’ll easily keep in touch with my family at least twice a week
    > I haven’t been doing this consistently enough
  • This one wasn’t really a goal I set out to do, but I did it anyway: Taking part of a boat trip with my grandparents. It was sweet and short, although I probably could’ve talked more to them.


  • I’ll easily go out solo 3x
    > I’ve done this 2X (One night went really great since I met some people I knew whilst the other one was stifled and awkward)
  • I’ll easily talk to one girl a day on the street (for 14 days)
    > I’ve gotten up to three, then wussed out. 


Old Goals

  • I’ll easily write 6 guest posts
    > I’ve written only one guest post on (which didn’t really come out the way I planned.)
  • I’ll easily write 15 blogposts (5/month)
    I posted 13 blogposts
  • I’ll easily create a facebook + website banner
    > Haven’t put much time into this, since I don’t really believe it is that relevant
  • I’ll easily post on facebook at least 2x each week
    > In retrospect, I don’t like having a quota for how much I post. I don’t want to talk, just because I got the need to say something. I’ll post whenever I believe I have something valuable to add.
  • I’ll easily keep my subscribers updated of new content and ideas (Saturday)
    > The same principle talked about above applies here. I’ve sent some sporadic mails, but only when I found it necessary. I might adjust this in the future.
  • I’ll easily write at least 5 minutes every day
    > I’ve consistently been writing about 5 minutes every day during my evening ritual to build up this habit. I’m looking to expand this time incrementally.
  • I’ll easily update my mission statement for my blog

“To empower today’s masculine youth to make a positive change in their lives and take more conscious control of the direction their life is heading.

Designing a life instead of makin a living. Envisioning a happier and deeply satisfying way of living. Helping them discover their own power within.

Specifically aimed at;

>Creating themselves (mentally/physically)
>Designing a life
>Sharing the thing you love most with the world. (finding purpose)”


  • (I’ve been contemplating on making videoblogs again so this one is optional)
    > I’ve made several video blogs which have become increasingly better in quality (in my opinion). All videos can be found on my youtube channel


Old Goals

  • I’ll easily work for 4 weeks in garbage collecting to make some extra money during the vacation
    > I’ve accomplished this and also made a video in that period titled “How To Deal With Disempowering Thoughts
  • I’ll easily release my ebook “How To Overcome Video Game Addiction” by 30/07
    > I’ve accomplished this and it was a great experience where I learned a lot about writing a book, marketing, pricing and whatnot. The book hasn’t been tremendously succesful but the skills I’ve learned by writing it will come in handy in the future IMO. You can check out the book here.
    NOTE: If you’re a reader of this blog and have liked my facebook page, just send me a message and I’ll send you a free copy ;)

  • I’ll easily expand my life coaching email course by 5000 words to create into an ebook
    > I did not do this. I don’t believe it should be my main focus at the moment but I’m definitely going to release  something similar in the nearby future
  • I’ll easily summarize my top expense + top incomes every Sunday
    > I’ve created for myself a financial template based on principles learned from Rich Dad, Poor Dad to keep track of where my money is going and how I can manage it better.

    goal review
  • I’ll easily make a video on fiverr to help people build muscle and lose weight by supplying them with either a 8 4-week workout routine and or a meal plan. By 25/07
    > I didn’t complete this in time. However it gone done and I believe it looks great and contains a lot of valuable information on dieting and training. (16 page training plan and 22 page training & nutrition guide). The video needs an update however.
    You can check it out here
    NOTE: If you’re a reader of my blog and have liked my facebook page, I’ll send you the training and meal plan for free if you send me a message.
  • I’ll easily contact kingpin-social to be an affiliate for my ebook on How To Overcome Video Game Addiction
    > Discontinued. haha, it’s funny looking back on this goal to see how things have changed. I’ve contacted Cam Adair for a quick review of the book if he could find the time. Off course he has better things to do than reviewing low-quality ebooks ;). I’ve actually gotten an introduction to Cam trough Ludvig, which was great.
  • I’ll easily make a 300€ 800€ investment
    > I initially wanted to invest my money into a vending machine that I would place in a high-traffic area in the town I’m studying in. I’ve actually cold-approached two big hotels, a supermarket, the postal office and a youth hostel to ask if they would be interested in a deal (shared profit off-course). One turned me down politely and the rest hasn’t responded. I haven’t pushed upon it and I’m currently biding time to see what would be the best choice
  • I’ll easily make an overview on everything I know on how to make money and become rich in a word file
    > It’s a work in progress and expanding daily


Like you can clearly tell, I didn’t accomplish everything I talked about nor was that my initial intention. But still I believe I’m able to accomplish MUCH more if I’m able to stick to my goals and execute according to plan (especially with some new-found principles learned in “The One Thing” by Gary Keller)

Guess we’re all on “our route” to where we want to go in life.

Alright, guess that’s all I have to say about my life for now. I hope you like the transparency and honesty and overall content I put out.

Guess that leaves me with just one more question;

What progress have you made on your goals the last three months?

Hope to see you around

Take care,



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  1. Wow, looks like you’ve been keeping yourself really busy, Simon. I think it’s great to go over your goals like this, it can keep you on track.

  2. I love the introduction ;)
    Very cool that you experiment on yourself. Please keep us updated about ‘silent goals’ experiment.

    A remark about ‘Send a message in a bottle’: You didn’t take this seriously, you were unprepared. What was the problem to take an empty bottle with you? It seems, like it just wasn’t important for you (ditch it?)

    I write down 6 days a week issues which trouble me; or goals; or visions of future; or I just brainstorm. On Sundays I read them again.

    PE over human flag? Man, you have naughty priorities ;)

    Fasting is huge. I went on the fasting bender the last couple of months. It gives clarity and mental self-awareness I coudn’t even imaginate.

    Congrats on greens.
    Scolding on red. Just do it man. Grit your teeth and do it. If nothing else you will train your willpower.

    You are right on the spot. Consistency is what counts.

    >>I wussed out
    Great you’ve noticed that. This route led you to failure. Now re-think and change your approach. Food for thoughts:

    “It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.”

    Nice job on summarizing your expanses and incomes.
    My experience says that it’s much more effective to track them all, to the last dime.

    I admire your transparency and diligence in following your goals and writing about them. Thumbs up!

    About me:
    In the last 3 months I bought, renovated and moved to the new house with my whole family (I also spent my savings to the last cent :/ ).
    I signed up the contract with publisher and re-published all my books. My sales went through the roof and my royalties doubled. I was briefly among top1000 authors on Kindle.
    My email list grew about 20% to 300.
    I wrote another book and secured help of 4 influencers in launching it.
    I finished the rough draft of the next two books.
    I beat 13 personal fitness records (including consecutive 66 dips, 43 pull-ups and 45 chin-ups).
    And today I’ve beaten my speed reading record (624 words per minute).

    1. Hey Michal, thanks for commenting man! appreciate that.

      “Please keep us updated about ‘silent goals’ ” – I will, I’ll just mention them in my next review.

      Yes it probably isn’t that important to me. I have some ideas on my bucket list that looked cool but that aren’t really “mine”. If I don’t act upon it, I probably don’t care enough and it shouldn’t make the list right?

      PE has more practical benefits ;) Whilst HF is more show-off skill than a real practical benefit.

      Yeah, fasting is sweet! I”m wondering if one full day a week is best or just every day skipping breakfast (I love eating breakfast). The clarity however has been clearly noted.

      You mean school? I know, I should have a back-up plan.

      I’ve gotten tremendously better at cold-approaching since reading “psycho-cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. It’s all about your attitude. If you’re comfortable, funny and stuff like that, it will ALWAYS go great.

      Glad you like that, (I was wondering to leave some things out but that doesn’t really make sense to me since it’s all about my journey so far)


      > In the last 3 months I bought, renovated and moved to the new house with my whole family (I also spent my savings to the last cent :/ ).

      I have a great ebook on renovation, if you’re interested I can send it to you.

      > I beat 13 personal fitness records (including consecutive 66 dips, 43 pull-ups and 45 chin-ups).

      Impressive man! Can I ask how old you are?

      > I’ve beaten my speed reading record (624 words per minute).

      #I EnvyYou ;)

      Take care,

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