How To Set Goals (My Goal Setting 2014)


So 2013 has ended. For me personally it was a year with a lot of progress. I’ve learned a ton of information that will benefit me in the future and have become more experienced in health and fitness, school, my values, passive income, love and relationships, dealing with emotions, social connections (including friends and family), views on life. Literally every area is improving.


goal setting reflection

I used to be empty, depressed and lacking in energy. That feeling has changed drastically. And I’m glad it did!. The trigger for this time of rapid personal development has been my breakup with my old girlfriend.

I’ve recognized she wasn’t contributing to the person I wanted to become and I felt she was holding me back to achieve the things I wanted to achieve. I just didn’t know where I wanted to go at that time and that made me depressed.

But now my path has cleared up and I know what needs to be done. Although I’ve marked a path for myself I still see some possible block that have the potential to hold me back. These would be;

  • My lack of energy (which is going a lot better lately)goal setting fuel
    I’ve stopped eating simple sugars and lactose. I’ve been eating more raw vegetables in a health shake recently. I’ve planned out my long term goals for my life and am on the way to writing them out for this year and actually dividing them in small parts.
  • My lack of timegoal setting time
    school is sucking up a lot of time and energy that I can spend a lot more productively. I’ve recently made another entry on this subject here; everything that’s wrong with modern education
  • Up in my headgoal setting head
    I think too much about what other people are thinking and need to be more confident in my actions and the goals I set. I can get out of my head by meditating and reconnecting with who I am by reading my personal mission statement. Also by shifting my focus to external factors. Like talking about other people, things, subjects. Just anything that takes the attention of myself.
  • Commitmentgoal setting action
    Actually setting goals and following through with my ideas. The main problem with this is staying motivated. I stay motivated by writing down all the reasons why I’m trying to achieve this goal. I envision my perfect life and work towards it.


My plans for next year are pretty big. Remember these aren’t new year’s resolutions (because who keeps those anyway :D?).  These are goals I tend to keep and I will be accountable because I’m going to share these with my close friends. I

’m taking them along on this journey of self-improvement and achieving my maximum potential. So my goals for this year across all 7 areas of life. 

By 31/12/2014 I will easily have/be/experience the following;


goal setting spiritual

  • I want to be more grounded in my identity and devoted to a higher purpose.
  • I want to try new forms of meditation and yoga and see what works best for me.
  • I want to be rooted in love, power and truth.
  • I want to live more from the heart and connect with people on a daily basis.
  • I want to be able to turn off my mind when the time calls for that and live more in the moment.
  • I want to live only by empowering beliefs


goal setting physical

  • I want to be free from acne on my face and thrush on my tongue.
  • I don’t want to get sick this year (failed).
  • I want to weigh 80 kilograms with 8% body fat this year.
  • I want to grow out my hair.
    Check out the post
  • I will not eat anything fried this year and will not drink any alcohol.
  • I want to learn the planch, human flag (10 seconds), handstand push up (5 reps) and backflip from stance.


goal setting mental

  • I want to read (18/)24 books this year about any topic I’m interested in.
    – The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo
    – Think and grow rich
    – The way of the superior man
    – How to win friends and influence people
    -The Game
    – Stumbling on Happiness
    – Personal Development for smart people
    – The ultramind solution
    – 10 best ways to get paid for changing the world
    – 7 Habits of highly effective people
    – Mastery
    – 48 laws of power
    – Meditation the first and last freedom
    – Awaken the giant within
    – The 4 four work week
    – Tantra
    – Sexual ecstacy
    – Sex god method – 2nd edition
  • I want to learn two new major skills; Spanish (and drastically improve my French) and playing the piano  (= playing viva la vida, skillet, fur elize, rondo all turca)
  • Get my driver’s license.
    Attempt 1: FAIL
    Attempt 2: FAIL
  • I want to write at least 12 poems this year
    Personalized Prison
    Tell me

    Invisible Cage
    Ruby Fire
  • learn 12 new minor skills (card tricks, pen tricks, lucid dreaming, cryptology,writing with left hand, …
    Card trick 


goal setting emotional

  • I want to get a lot closer with my mother, sister and father.
  • I want to aid my mother in coping with her stress problems and her absence of love from men in her life.
  • I want to help my father with his overweight problem since I see it as my responsibility as future personal trainer to help people with health issues.
  • I want to get a stronger, deeper connection with three good friends; Michael, Nico and Kenny.
  • I want to find more intimate love in my life through multiple partners. I’m considering open as well as closed relationships. I don’t really have exact goals on this. I do want to conquer my fear of talking to really attractive women which is going really great lately.
  • So I want to go out regularly to enhance my public social skills. I also want to be able to say the things I’m thinking in public, shouting in public, lying down in the middle of a mall. This will get me out of my head and will make my courage muscle a lot stronger :D -> Comfort challenges.


  • To do 7 memorable trips/vacations this year that I’ll never forget. I already have: FIBO 2014 with Fabian , London with Fabian, Barcelone, Hossegor; France (surftrip/roadtrip), Amsterdam Michael with Michael. I will film these and put them in my life guide.
  • To make a list of 100 things that really relax me and put in my rewards-jar.
  • To decorate my dorm room with energizing quotes and inspiration (above my desk, above bookshelf and above my wall).
  • To do a daily morning routine that enforces positive beliefs and an evening routine that rewards me with the feeling of accomplishments, EVERY DAY this year :D.
  • To write in my journal EVERY DAY this year.
  • To finish my “simplify” list to deal with emotions and problems when I’m in a period of brain fog .
  • To better organize my life guide.



  • I want to write 104 good blogs this year on my WordPress blog account and transfer this to my Facebook page and website I’m going to set up (so I post at least two times each week on all three platforms).
  • I envision to have a thousand visitors each month on my website at the end of the year.
  • I envision to have two thousand likes on my facebook page by the end of 2014.
  • I want to have 250 subscribers to my YouTube channel which will talk about creating yourself; physically as mentally.
  • I want to make 24 videos for youtube this year about these topics. I will provide great, free, quality content that is close to my heart.
  • I will write 1 e-book about health and fitness that will contribute great value to other people who are looking to build muscle and lose fat, and I will sell it on my website.   fiverr
  • I will write 1 ebook about quitting video games.
  • I will also make 1 inspiring t-shirt print that I can use to further develop my business.
  • I want to work more efficient by daily planning my goals and print them out.
    Check out the weekplanner in my toolbox
  • I also want to learn how to write better blogs so I can help people in a better way and make my blogs more structured.
  • I will connect with better known providers of social value through social media by contacting them through their forums and commenting and interaction.


  • By the end of 2014 I want to make about 500€ each month from a passive income. My income will come from the products I design, advertisements and donations.
  • I will make any amount of cash from my website by the 24th of september
  • I want to track my incomes and expenses  in function of the time I spent on it 52 times this year. I prefer to do this at the end of the week (Sunday). This way I can reflect on what is sucking up my time and money.
  • I will buy a whiteboard on which I can visualize all my goals and planning as soon as possible or I’ll look for another way to visualize this on my wall.
  • I want to sell my tv and comic book collection for respectively 200€ (150€) and 300€.

Rewards & Consequences

So these are my personal goals for the all 7 areas of life. I will probably add more after a while or change the ones who seem to difficult. But the closer I get the more stuff I’ll get done if I set really high goals.

I do need to remember to connect rewards and consequences to these when I complete a goal or not. (Basically linking pain and pleasure with certain actions as Anthony Robbins states in his book “awaken the giant within”.) This will ensure I stay motivated.

Rewards and consequences should be things I like/don’t like at all;

  • Rewards could be something like eating a cheat meal, watching a movie, taking the time to draw and paint, getting a massage, …
  • Consequences should be difficult, challenging or uncomfortable like taking a cold shower, eating a raw broccoli, doing the dishes of your neighbor, shouting in the mall (you can also use this to get out of your comfort zone so it is a consequence with a courage reward :) ),…

Be creative with your rewards and consequences. Nothing is more boring and tedious than getting the same rewards everyday. Make it a surprise element. Get two boxes and fill them up with rewards and consequences. And pick one blindfolded ( just popped in my head, haven’t actually tried this. lol)

If you run out of inspiration for consequences or rewards, just ask for ideas to close friends and family. I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with allot of consequences to see you struggle ;)



These were my goals in the first four areas of personal development. Next up is just chopping these year goals in smaller bits and work towards them every day!  I’ll make a weekly goal scheme in excel which I can print out and hang on my wall (see Toolbox) so I’ll be reminded every day to get stuff done :)

I will be doing quarterly reports of my goals (each three months) so you’ll stay updated and I stay accountable :D

So now ask yourself, what do you want to achieve in these four areas? What are your “roadblocks” and how can you overcome these? If you haven’t made your own personal life plan yet, I suggest you do it NOW! Use my Goal Setting Template in the toolbox and my blog post titled 7 Areas Of Life (How I Set Goals)

Anyway, thanks for checking out my goals for this year. If you have any thoughts or questions about this topic (or something random to say) , feel free to share that in the comment section below.
Take care!




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  1. Thank You! I just want to say this bro … Your blog are helping me for a long time. I love those quarterly goals review also. You should write more often, I don’t know why you stop a while back.

  2. Thank you very much for following the blog, I really look forward to reading your posts and happy new year 2014. Gede Prama :-)

  3. Amazing. Thank you so much. I’m reviewing my goals this week and this has helped me very much. Love and success to you. A:)ex (that’s Alex with a smiley)

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