The Life Guide - 22 Actions To A Better Life


These days you’re getting pushed through formal education, clueless of where you want to go in life. You’re advised to get a “safe” 9-5 job and slave away at your desk for the remainder of your life to pay off your ever-increasing debt.

You’re overloaded with media propaganda and toxic foods that destroy your body and mind of their much needed vitality.

Additionally, relationships never seem to work out, leaving you confused about what’s wrong with you.

All these problems arise because we’ve never been taught how to deal with them – They are all preventable. They can be easily fixed.

In this book I'm going to share 22 condensed, practical tips that will exponentially increase your life quality. It’s an overview of the best advice I’ve picked up until this day.

Consider this a “survival guide” for thriving in our modern society.

What You'll Learn In This Book;

Changing Your Beliefs Building On Your Strengths Getting In Great Shape
Learning & Memorizing Faster Doing Meaningful Work Recording Your Life
Finding A Flow Activity Managing Your Money Getting Paid For Performance
Staying ENGAGED In Life Prioritizing Your Social Life Managing Relationships
Setting Goals & Focusing Developing Social Skills Building Confidence
Looking Your Best, Every Day Quality Relaxation Doing A Morning Ritual
Staying Motivated Visualizing And Much More...


I've stated on my facebook-page that the book was going to be perma-free. So that's exactly what it's going to be. However - for the ones who really enjoy what I'm writing I've included a support-version.

So, there are two options to get my book; The first one is by subscribing to my email-list (left) and the second option is to purchase a support-copy (right) . I've also added a little bonus in the latter case.

I've also added a third option to donate an amount of your choosing at the bottom of this page.

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+ BONUS EBOOK: The Passion Myth: The Real Road To Fulfillment In Work

See what others have to say..

Wow!! "the life guide" is absolutely amazing and I wouldn't be exaggerating, if I said that it is one of the best self help books out there!! You have captured so much knowledge in just 96 pages- it really is astonishing. And feels as though you have covered all bases! - Ansh

I want to thank you for The Life Guide book. it has changed my life and outlook on many things. i have NEVER finished a book and Im 26 years old and i finished it in just a few days and plan to go back to get myself refreshed. Now i love reading thanks to you. Thank you. - Earl

Awesome content and so profoundly meaningful. Im very grateful I came across your site. I look forward to following and learning with you! I appreciate the organization and simplicity of your ideas. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! - Zeezee O.

Love your content! I was difficult for me at first writing out figuring out my goals because there was just so many things i wanted to do. Your 18 month, 3 month, month and week model really helped me a lot mate! - Rahv

Love your posts.I'm an artist and grapple with all these areas daily. You on to it for sure! Much love boet,Vaughan in Oz. - Vaughan

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