How to Eat Healthy on a Budget


Tips On how to eat healthy on a budget

In this blog I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to buy better foods for less money. I’m a student and live in a dorm room but don’t want to eat fast food all week long. So I’ve decided to do some research on how to get the most bang for my buck in the supermarket :) Without any further ado, here are my key tips to eating healthy on a budget;

#1) Go shopping after a meal

First things first, never ever go shopping on a empty stomach. This will make you want to buy stuff you don’t need (price goes up) and will make you buy stuff that are usually very tasty (which are not healthy, most of the time :))

#2) Always buy products that are in season.

When there is a large supply of the product you want, the price automatically goes down. When you buy something that is out of season, you’ll feel the difference in your wallet.

#3) Make a shopping list (and stick to it.)healthy-list

This might sound old fashioned and not really worth the effort, but you should try it. When you have a list of things you want and you stick to it, you’ll get many benefits out of that. Your time spent shopping will be less because you know what you want and don’t waste time scanning the racks, you don’t buy any things you don’t need so you don’t overspend any money and you can decide up front that you will only buy the healthy products.

#4) Buy Frozen products

Frozen products are cheaper than the fresh produce most of the time and you will be able to keep them for a longer time (so you don’t have to throw anything away). If you have a large supermarket you’ll be able to find almost anything frozen. frozen meats, vegetables, fruits, …) Sometimes frozen products are even healthier compared to the fresh products because they were frozen all the way to your store, this way they’ve kept all of their nutrients.

#5) Buy a generic brand

Don’t buy brand x or y which is religiously advertised in the media. Just go for a generic brand which costs allot less but is basically the same product. You should definitely try this if you want to save some buck :)

#6) Buy in bulkhealthy-bulk

In most stores you will get a discount if you buy allot of the same products at a time. Use this to save money in the long term. If you have some leftovers from your shopping spree you can just put those in the freezer.

#7) Stay on the outskirts of the supermarket.

The way supermarkets are designed isn’t by coincidence. They put all the essentials on the outskirts and at the end of the store so customers have to traverse the whole store (increasing the chances they buy something they don’t really need) to get what they need. They also put heavy things at the entrace so people are inclined to get cart (which they can fill even more :) )  Here’s a basic layout for a supermarket;

Just stay on the outskirts for most of the time as that is where all the essential products are placed and just go in between the racks when you need something in particular.

#8) Buy canned food

Canned food is often allot cheaper than the fresh produce. It also lasts longer and can be used in smaller portions. It’s a great way to save some extra cash.

#9) Filter tap water!

Tap water contains allot of minerals and is allot cheaper than the bottles you can buy in a store. You don’t really need this if you are on a tight budget.

#10) Get a discount card/save coupons

Pretty basic :)

#11) Cook in bulk

Cooking in bulk saves time and money since you don’t have to throw anything away and you don’t have to cook all the time. You can just put your meals in Tupperware containers so they stay fresh and eat them whenever you want to. (great for on-the-go!)

#12) Look for discounts

This can help you save some money if you can find a product that you need that is discounted.

#13) Opt for whole foods

Stay away from processed food and choose whole foods (one ingredient foods) rich in protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates vitamins and healthy fats.

#14) Shop alone

Family and/or friends might influence you to buy things you don’t really need. Be smart and just leave your kids and friends at home when you want to shop more consciously!


This were some tips to get the most out of your money next time you go to the supermarket! I hope I’ve helped you with this article as it certainly helped me to save some money on my tight budget!

Anyway thanks for reading and if you happen to have any questions or thoughts on topic, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!
Take care!



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