How Video Games Controlled My Life (Beating Gaming Addiction)

Origin Of My Gaming Addiction

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for quite some time now and I’ve finally decided to share my experiences with video games and gaming in general. So here it goes…

It started out when I was ten years old and my parents bought me a PlayStation one, I couldn’t be more thrilled to play this. It is were I started to create a habit … Read More

A Bad Dream (Break-up)

*Update 05/04/2014* I was wondering about ‘improving’ this post to meet my current blogging standards but I’ve decided I’m going to keep this one in its original state to preserve the authenticity of my first leap of faith.

I write this blog because of a dream I had last night. One that woke me up with cold sweat going down my spine. But before I tell you the dream I’ll … Read More