Here’s A Quick Tip That Increased My Productivity (Energy Prioritization)


I’m in as stage in my life where I’m dealing with many things at the same time. I’ve only recently discovered self-development and want to address a lot of different areas at the same time. For instance I want to develop my social skills, exercise my courage, become more self-reliant/providing, become more centered, form new habits and so forth. But I’m struggling to do so because I just don’t have enough energy to do all those things in a day :)

Everyone has to deal with stuff they don’t want to do in their lives. We run into unfortunate events, we sometimes even have to do things we don’t want to do (although choice is always free, It can be easier to deal with a certain task compared to its consequences), We try to satisfy the wants of other people (or we’ll feel guilty when we don’t.) I have this feeling a lot lately, particularly in dealing with school assignments.

Although I like the general direction my schooling is going (I’m studying sports and human movement.) I dislike like the way I’m being educated. I get assignments that don’t focus on why we do the things we are doing. They give you guidelines on what needs to be done but leave little room for creativity and new insights.

I’m starting to feel like schooling is more about memorizing and thinking analytically without questioning the truth or purpose behind the matter. This bothers me a great deal. School should make children into educated individuals which can contribute greatly to society and this is not what our current educational system is doing (IMO)

In the end…energy-header

Anyway I can complain about a ton of stuff I don’t like, but the underlying problem is the following; I spend a great deal of time on these lessons/assignments/reports/.. which deplete me for the actual “important” tasks I want to do in my day. I just don’t have (enough) energy left to read, meditate, express myself creatively, cook, blog, draw, exercise, learn new skills and explore the world in the amount I want to. I want to spend way more times on the really important stuff instead of dealing with these .

This is why I became allot less serious about my schooling. I just prioritized what is truly important to me. So I stopped paying attention in classes that were really trivial and started reading books/writing/drawing/learning new skills/… in those classes. I just made sure I always carried some writing tools and a note block in case something truly important would pop up.

“Focus on the things that are most important to you and do those first.”

I still want more energy since I’m feeling pretty slowed down lately. I’m feeling tired, lazy, discouraged, unmotivated to do the things I know are good for me. I have these moments of very high energy/consciousness and very low energy/fogginess. I want to be in a constant state of abundance when it comes to energy.

Although my nutrition is pretty solid already I think I don’t take in enough micro-nutrients from vegetables. So I’m planning to implement a raw health shake in my diet to boost my energy levels :) I’m going to post the recipe on my blog in case you want to try it. I’ll get a blender by Christmas and then I can make this thing work. I’ll keep you posted on the results!


Anyway, this was just my way of saying you shouldn’t stress over petty matters. Don’t spend energy on the things that aren’t urgent or don’t really matter to you. Always think about better ways to spend your time. Life is truly to short to live according to other peoples agenda. You don’t have to perfect something unimportant just to please someone else :) Be free and don’t be afraid to say no once in a while. This will enable you to spend more time on yourself and the things you find truly important. Remember that activity doesn’t always equal productivity (got this phrase from the book “4 hour work-week by Timothy Ferris)

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this article as it certainly helps me remember to focus on the important tasks in my life. If you have any thoughts or questions on this topic (or something random to say ;)), you can share that in the comment section below!
Take care!



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