New month, new quote;

Stumbled upon this simple, yet great quotation by Samuel Johnson.

What does it mean?

–> Our brains lose the ability to change/adapt as we get older (this is called neuroplasticity)

When the brain is still young and supple it can easily adapt, like a young tree-twig can be bent in any desired direction. Whilst in older states, the neural synapses have become strong bonds and cannot be easily removed. Just like an older tree cannot be bent anymore and therefore remains rigid.

So, what should you do (imo)?

Don’t allow yourself to build up these destructive pathways. Examine and analyze the cognitive biases and fallacies in your brain CONTINUOUSLY and make strong, unbreakable bonds in “successful” thinking/habits when you’re still young.

MJ Demarco states that; “When you are under 25 you have maximum horsepower and your choices discharge an incredible amount of firepower.” – So START YOUNG (NOW is as young as you’ll ever be)


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