Many men live without direction.

They are governed by the currents of life and let their actions be decided by what feels good or bad in the moment – instead of what’s actually good for them in the long-term.

Unconsciously we commit to an endless pleasure-seeking goose chase manifested in (mainly) chasing women but also drugs, alcohol, parties, money, status, video games and so-on – bringing self-destruction ever closer.

It’s a pointless pursuit (understatement)

Find where your personal strengths lie and search a way to combine those to do meaningful work.

Manhood isn’t related to the amount of women you’ve slept with,
It can’t be tape-measured by the size of your biceps or your penis,
And it surely isn’t defined by the number in your bank account

It’s a combination of character values and a clear direction in life.

What’s yours?


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