“There Is No Truth. There Is Only Perception.” – Gustave Flaubert

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“There is no truth. There is only perception.”Gustave Flaubert


Paradigms are the way we look at the world. They are the distorted lens trough which we perceive the truth.

We should be open to new ways of looking at the world. Never assume that what you know is the truth. Don’t judge information based on your perception of truth. You can only share your perception with others in the hope of being enlightened.

Here are some sites with great articles for shifting your paradigms about our world;

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  1. There is no reality. There is only perception. The way we see things 👀😀😳 the way we see ourselves. Then theres how we see eachother🤯😣😱

  2. There is no truth. We live in a prison and there is no escape from that truth. The purpose of life, there is no purpose. You are born without consent and die without consent.The history you know is based on speculation. Nobody knows because there is nothing to know. Its hard to accept this, because your pride wont let you. That pride is called brainwashed.
    You will protect that pride till you die.
    Like i said, we live in a prison and there is no escape from it.
    This is not a truth, this is a moral fact.

  3. I hesitated about commenting, when I saw the name-calling posts. Then I thought I’d give it a try. It’s that “Perception Only” is an old Buddhist idea. The scholar-monk Vasubandhu wrote about this in his teaching on Yogacara. Look up the Three Natures or The Thirty Verses if you are curious.

  4. The right question is whether money is based on the principles of truth. Because here in india we have picture of mahatma gandhi who is considered to be biggest advocates of truth in history, on the bank note. And bank note is a promise and promise has value only if it is true. That is why we have gandhi pic on it. Just to assure us. So if money is based on truth and as per this article there is no truth. So is there any money in real. And if not what is that which is in our pocket or bank account?

  5. Who cares who actually said it first or whether you can nit-pick about wording or intent or typos or whatever. By making this statement in the first place, the author (Flaubert or who-ever), along with anyone who agrees with it, are actually acknowledging that their own view of the world is incomplete or imperfect and that they may actually be wrong……it is simply an opinion.

    I choose to see it only slightly differently…..I wouldn’t actually say “there is no truth”, and this variation is actually reflected in the “Essence” statement that follows the quote. Whether you use the word “paradigm” or “perception”, the point is that no two people ever really see anything EXACTLY the same. We are defined at any point in time by our unique biology and chemistry as well as our unique accumulation of experiences, including exposure to information, each of which contribute to, and therefore subtly shape, our perception of subsequent experiences (what we chose to accept or reject as well as HOW we experience). Add to that the fact that individually our own existence and experience is just a drop in the ocean of time and space, so how can ANYONE really claim to be the sole arbiter of what the truth is?

    We see, hear, smell, touch and taste…..but we also perceive (what many people call the 6th sense). The world and events are what they are, but there are many examples of how own individual experience (version of the “truth” ?) is different from other equally legitimate versions of the same thing or event. Colour blindness changes how a person perceives colour (and who is to say that all non-colour-blind people see exactly the same colour?). A person who loses (or never had) the use of one particular sense is much more highly attuned to other senses and will often perceive details that others miss. We should all remember the parable of the blind men and the elephant. And at great risk of offending nearly everyone, many religions believe and teach versions of what amounts to pretty much the same story, or at least, there are many common elements that run throughout even seemingly very different religions and other belief systems …… so what makes one more right than all the others, or alternatively, how can they ALL be completely wrong?

  6. Don’t assume that Gustave Flaubert said that. There is no truth, just perceptions distorted by paradigms. So its just your distorted paradigm that he is the author of the quote.

  7. If there are no truths but only perceptions, then that statement is only a perception and therefore not true.

  8. To the author of the above hypothesis. Why don’t you learn to spell the word “through” correctly or is that just your paradigm of spelling? A trough is what pigs eat out of.

    1. Oh I just LOVE watching trolls make the same type of mistake that they bash others for.
      Ya’know, like when a comma isn’t used while they make a statement & ask a question all in one sentence.

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