Single vs. Open Relationships


I’ve been thinking about this subject for quite a while now. From the way I see it , you can have two different types of relationships. You either commit to a single person or you have an open relationship with multiple people.


The main focus in a committed relationship is love while an open relationship needs sex as primary focus. Or that is the way I see it, at least :)

You have to sacrifice depth in an open relationship to prevent attaching yourself to that person. Otherwise you’ll get jealousy sprouted from insecurity. You can’t equally divide deep and meaningful love in an open relationship without one person feeling left-out. and that is the reason why I think you sacrifice depth for love/closeness in an open relationship. So by definition open relationships are more superficial since you don’t love the other persons truly the way you can in a monogamous relationship.

Trust & Cheating ID-10090863

Off-course trust and honesty is very important in both types of situations. You always need to talk about your intentions prior to sex if you want to establish any stable, lasting connection at all.In my opinion,  you can”t cheat on your partner if you are both clear and honest about your intentions. If you want an open relationship and the other person isn’t comfortable with that you just don’t continue with it.

Why Choose Monogamy?relationships-couple

 Closeness, depth, love, bonding, commitment, sex, intimacy, clarity, security

Why Choose Open Relationships?

sex, intimacy, new experiences, freedom.

I’ve also stumbled on this, It is a committed open relationship with two girls loving the same man. They seem to be doing great and I don’t condemn free love but I just think you can’t have a strong bond with two people at the same time without jealousy/neglection.


Anyway these are some thoughts on different types of relationships. I’m sure I’ll come back to this topic since love and relationships are very important in my life. I know it is controversial ;) So feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.
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  1. My boyfriend feels like the above but I’m monogomous. I don’t think in fact I know I’m not ok with an open relationship. He said he wanted the same thing now 31/2 years later its a different story and I’m miserable he does what he wants and I’m miserable

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  3. As someone in an open relationship, I promise you that you can feel love, closeness, bonding, commitment, etc. without monogamy. Sexual exclusivity is not the only thing that creates bonding and happiness in a relationship, although for some people it is a component of that. But they can work and I know that the level of love and commitment my primary partner and I have for each other is not lessened by the fact we have other partners.

    1. I concur with Beth. My love and dedication to my boyfriend is just as strong and just as deep as to my husband, and yet neither of those relationships is harmed by the other. In fact, I am a happier, more attentive wife when I have another partner than I am when I sit around focusing on my unaddressed needs (which is what I spend my time doing when I don’t have another partner).

      Closeness and intimacy don’t have to be confined to one relationship or otherwise exclusive to one partner. :)

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