The Frustrating Inefficiency Of My Retarded Brain (Rant)

Biology is a software process. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each governed by this process. You and I are walking around with outdated software running in our bodies, which evolved in a very different era. – Kurzweil

Humans are inefficient at nearly everything.

Yeah, that means you too.

We have a lump of fat between our eyes which is supposed to guide us in the right … Read More

How To Escape Negative Feedback Loops And Stop Being A Plant

“Just five more minutes”

“Just five more..”

The first sign that something is wrong in my life. I – literally – freak out (as I should) in times like this. I kick away my blanket, stretch and rotate out of bed until my bare feet hit the cold floor.

Made it…  for now..“, I say to myself. (not really – but I might have mumbled it in my semi-zombie plant-state in … Read More

How To Feel Alive TODAY! (The Power Of Comfort Challenges)


In my day-to-day life I’m often very busy chasing certain objectives ‘till the point that I forget to actually enjoy my time on this planet. I get stuck in these boring routines until my life just feels straight-up empty! Therefore I’ve made a decision to focus more on the things that actually make me feel more alive!

The key to being happy is growth (IMO). Someone once told me that … Read More