The 10 Laws For A Great Social Life (Building Social Skills)

Social relationships are tough – or at least for me they’ve always been that way. I consider myself to be a quite reserved, logical person and have had a lot of trouble “connecting” with others.

Ugh – emotions.

I know.

However, social skills can be practiced like any other skill and therefore I’ve made for myself a checklist I keep in my mind when dealing with people. I consider these … Read More

My Goal Review (Q2 2014)

goal review q2 2014

Goal Review

Alright there have been another three months that have flown by and therefore I’m doing another three-monthly goal review (like I did for the first quarter of the year – previous report). In this report I’ll be sharing with you the goals I’ve accomplished (and failed) the past three months and what I’m going got be focusing on the next quarter. this … Read More