My Goal Review (Q3 2015)

“Insert fancy, perceptive quote about life” – Some Smart Dude


A lot of time passed, a lot of choices made. Let’s see where Simon is going with his life eh?

Fun-fun times ahead!

Every three months, Simon (that’s me) does this weird kind of reviews where he shares way to many personal information about his life on the internet.

Why? – You may ask.

Good question.

Simon is wired … Read More

How To ACTUALLY Be Happy By Minding Your Own Business (Focus On THIS)

“You Shouldn’t Believe Everything People Tell You” – Abraham Lincoln


No-one really knows what’s best for you – and most don’t care either. Make your own best guess to what will provide you long-term happiness.

How so? Here’s the long explanation;

The world is constantly speeding up faster and faster.

The unseen rate of technological improvements, the current demographic explosion, global warming, the economic shift to … Read More

8 Elemental Habits Of Successful People (That You Need To Have)


Do you ever envy other people because they seem to have it all? The ones who are amazingly productive and structured and most importantly; it seems like it doesn’t take any effort at all for them to complete difficult tasks! It seems like they just stroll through life without stress and worries. They have fulfilling lives and interesting hobbies. They have time and money for everything they want to … Read More