The One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh (Review)


I’ve just starting to read this book about oxygen therapy and the “many benefits” it has. I’ve read it in full and have
applied the steps but it didn’t cure my candida infection (reason why I started reading it).Basically the book says that no disease can survive in an oxygenated environment. And therefore the cure to all diseases is to flood the body with oxygen. This can be done by either consuming food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Or ozon (O3).I’ve tried the H202 solution for 25 days as the book suggested but didn’t see/notice any significant changes. (Maybe a small energy boost, but I’d rather contribute that to a placebo effect caused by their excellent marketing and grand claims ;))


The book has however introduced me to some new ideas about the pharmaceutical industry is. Basically, the book says that the pharmaceutical industry only aims to make the most amount of profit as possible and therefore they place people secondary.

They are making huge amounts of money these days (think billions) yet people are sicker than ever (depressions, obesity, stress,…) The book claims that the cause is that these companies don’t want you to get better, if you get better they lose a customer so to speak.


I believe some truthcan be found in this statement but we shouldn’t solely focus on the negative side. The pharmaceutical industry has helped millions of people around the world to combat illnesses. However, I do agree that it is a very lucrative business and that this kind of power can easy lead to greediness. For instance, some medicationare used to relieve your symptoms by using an (often overpriced) “quick fix” instead of focusing on the underlying problem. I’ve stumbled upon this awesome quote which defines a “good” doctor;

“The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness;”


The best way (IMO) to deal with pharmaceutical pills and treatments is to be very conscious about what you exactly put into your body. Do you really need a pill or are there other factors that have caused your illness (and that you can cure yourself?) Depression, stress, sleeping problems and obesity often don’t need any medication but a change in lifestyle. Take a look at your diet and exercise habits and you’ll be able to find some of the caused in there. Anyway, if you have any thoughts or questions on this book that you would like to share with me. Feel free to leave those in the comment section below.
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  1. my father has helped thousands of people with this food-grade peroxide he’s even people with AIDS with it the stuff is wonderful the way he does the treatment he takes four drops in the morning and 4 at night and then you increase it by two drops per day until you reach 28 drops twice a day and then you go in reverse take two away each day all the way back down to four and that’s how he does a treatment and then for maintenance he takes 5 drops a day in your system just to keep maintenance so you don’t get other other people’s diseases you have defense

  2. You are supposed to use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, 3 eye bottle drops in 8oz of distilled water, 3x per day, 1hr before meals on an empty stomach or 3 hrs after meals. And increase those drops by 1 drop per day. I recommend buying the one minute cure book to understand how to use it properly.

  3. Hi, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 I would like to know how exactly you have to drink the h202 an for how many days. Please reply back thank you

    1. you have to drink 50 drops a day, maybe much more for a person with cancer, from a diluted 3% of H2O2 for at least one month

  4. The treatment is to continue after 25 days by reducing the # of drops by one X 3 each day until the maintenance level of 5 drops three times a day. Maybe you gave up too soon, or ate the wrong foods? I suggest seeing Dr. Mercola’s web site proper gut bacteria.

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