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The Song Of An Empty Sky

Your inner being is nothing but the inner sky.

Clouds come and go,
Planets are born and disappear,
Stars arise and die.
But the inner sky remains the same,
solid, untouched, untarnished, unscarred.

Go in, and enjoy your inner sky.
Remember whatsoever you see, you are not it.
You think, but you are not your mind;

You sense, but you are not your heart;
You feel, but you are not your body;
You dream, desire, believe, imagine, project.

But you are nothing, nothing and all.

You are the alpha and the omega.
The beginning and the end.
Go now,  and eliminate all that you can see.
‘Till you witness the vast enlightened sky,

The most beautiful sight to behold
When there is nothing left to obscure the night.
The inner sky becomes crystal clear,
For any awakened man to see.

All the clouds have disappeared and only the view remains.
The view of the empty sky.
To know this is to be fearless, and to know this is to be full of love.
To know it is to be immortal, is to be awake.

Now stare in your mind and clear your inner sky.
Awaken the giant within.

Osho – Inner Sky (Edited)

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